My blawg

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I'm Jenna. I was born 22 years ago. I once went to school for journalism, but as of right now I'm going nowhere in life.
I will follow back, because I figure if you like my blog I'll like yours.
Wanna know more about me? Keep scrolling, you'll figure me out real quick.

Thank God for dark makeup and thick rimmed glasses making me look like I didn’t get into a bar fight this weekend (I really didn’t, but I look like I did).

Have to work tomorrow with a pretty nasty black eye. Great.


My mother’s boyfriend just told me I need to change my clothes before we leave the house because, “this isn’t Walmart”.


I mean obviously they would..they want my business….
Um…. don’t even say you wanna mail me bro/chick, you can’t even give up your URL, let alone your real address.


Because I signed up for a players card there?